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What makes us stronger and different?

The key of our uniqueness - the ability to create and implement a non-standard or even a completely new technical and architectural solutions and the company's ability to offer comprehensive solutions for covering the entire building facades.
  • Non-standard solutions:

Staticus specialists have experience in the developing new facade solutions and in the adaptation of existing ones. Our engineers may propose new solutions in order to obtain a certain architectural appearance, functionality or meet certain technical requirements. We have a large database of suppliers who can offer almost any type of materials. If needed, we can create a new sections for aluminum, plastic, steel or other materials profiles and rubbers. If it's necessary, our specialists can take care of all the necessary laboratory tests and in obtaining the certificates.
What makes us stronger and different?
What makes us stronger and different?
  • Comprehensive solutions for covering the entire building facades:

With such a wide range of products and services, big amount of partners and suppliers we can offer a full building enclosure with a wide variety of structures. Our responsibility lines may begin immediately after the building shell structure (columns and slabs). The customer purchasing this kind of service is receiving a lot of extra added value: a lower number of contracts and contractors, it is easier to manage project deadlines, there is greater flexibility by providing the work front parts and if there are any problem or client detects a defect, it is always clear who to contact.