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We provide a complete range of consulting services for the curtain wall industry. Conceptual designs of custom curtain wall exterior cladding systems, calculations, and technical performance specifications. Review of architectural drawings to production of shop drawings.

As engineering consultants for facade design, we support companies, both at home and abroad, in the acquisition, design and the economical implementation of facade projects in Europe.Consulting 

Design suggestions

Our specialists have exceptional experience in designing of building facades. Through try & mistake method we collect non-ordinary knowledge how façade should be designed and how not. HF engineers will help to find more efficient, optimal, rational & exceptional solutions for your project to combine 3 most important project things: Cost, Price & Time.

Static and dynamic calculations of facades

STATICUS engineers starting work with new Project from analysis of past projects! Through a number of successful complex projects they will choose best ideas, living ahead problematical things, and realise them in your project. First of all façade construction will be designed by optimal calculation & design scheme, evaluating environment loads & actions, construction boundary conditions, analysing maximum limited and ultimate internal forces, stresses, deflection, displacement etc. of façade members & supports. Analysis will help to choose efficient & optimal physical, geometrical and mechanical parameters of façade elements from standard systems or to develop a new special solution to satisfied requirements of the Project to ensure technical conditions described in Norms & Codes.

Thermal and acoustic calculationsConsulting 

Every Project should to meet different conditions. They depend on many factors: importance of Project, its purpose, project place, environment conditions, loads & actions, special comfort and Health & Safety requirements etc. In our days energy efficient for building achieves an important role. That therefore, HF engineers will consult you not only how to diminish consuming energy and heat loosing for your building through external walls, but how to produce renewable “green” energy with facades!

Selection of sun protection

The European, American, Asian etc. normative documents are indicating and limiting Solar Radiation and its effect for the buildings. To remove excessive heat from building premises, persons & companies spending billiards of money using Air Ventilating and Conditioning systems, and producing enormous quantity of Carbon Dioxide CO2 and other harmful for environment and human health chemical materials. HF specialists can help for you to minimize these wastes, and together with you join to War against Warming of Climate. Optimally oriented building, effectively selected sun protection devices according Side of World, altitude and azimuth of sun position during whole year period and day time will help to optimise your costs using HF created software.

3D visualisation of facade

HF architects can help you imagine your Project in Virtual space using Real time visualization & animations techniques and to understand better how your building will be in reality. To experiment with architectural/engineering solutions on PC screen is much better and cheaper that in reality. It is possible to walk around and inside your building and to made changes, without any additional Costs in virtual life, but not on building site in real conditions affecting your bank account. Try & explore opportunities of modern computer graphical & animation techniques and enjoy your project in real life.

Creation of new solutions and systems

Each customer wants to have his building mostly exceptional, non-traditional, and different from existing Projects, of complex form, with unique materials, special solutions and for sure for the best Quality/Price/Time value.

Difficulties, non-standard solutions and requirements is a Challenge for STATICUS employees. We like to realise Client’s & Architect’s wishes and request. Façades for us an Art, Passion, Inspiration, Delight, Wonder. It is a thing what pushes us to improve ourselves with Architecture & Technologies together, to find research and analyse something new and unbelievable. Combining experience, senses, technical opportunities and either beyond it we’ll design & realise your Project according your request & suspense.