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STATICUS prepares, coordinates, improves and implements technical and operating projects. The company‚Äôs specialists perform all works related to the preparation of projects in accordance with the nationally approved standards.

Technical Project

The first and main stage of a project which is required in all cases is the TECHNICAL PROJECT. An integral document is prepared, in which the essential, functional (intended use), architectural (aesthetic), technological, technical, economic, and quality requirements as well as other indicators and characteristics of the building are established. The company's specialists prepare technical projects complying with all requirements, which are then set out in detail in the working project.

On the basis of the TECHNICAL PROJECT:
  • Designa tender for selecting the construction contractor is announced (alternatively, the contractor can be selected in a different procedure);
  • the permit for construction (demolition) is obtained;
  • the building is constructed or demolished in the cases stipulated by the STR 1.05.01: 1997 (after preparing, if required, necessary project solutions);
  • the working project of the construction project is prepared;
  • in case when a working project is not prepared, the completed construction project is transferred and accepted for use and commissioned.


The second stage of a project is the WORKING PROJECT. In this document, the technical project and its solutions are set out in detail. In accordance with the WORKING PROJECT, construction works are carried out, and construction products and articles are manufactured. The working project can be prepared as an integral document or as a package of separate documents of solutions (when the solutions required for starting the construction are prepared in advance, while others are developed during the construction).

The building constructed in accordance with the TECHNICAL PROJECT and the WORKING PROJECT is registered legally, and transferred and accepted for use.

In some individual cases, the technical working project can be prepared, which integrates the technical and the working project.