The installation expert who’ll take on any challenge (even if it involves active train lines)

There is no challenge too great for Staticus’ Head of Installation, Modestas Midveris. In his 10 years with us, he has worked across the continent on projects of every shape and size, including one dramatic installation involving an active train line that was featured on the BBC.

But his latest challenge of raising twin girls may be his biggest yet.

What was it like when you first started at Staticus? And how do you take care of new colleagues that join your team?

Well, it was more than 10 years, but what I remember is that at the beginning I was shown every part of what Staticus does. I was sent to our factory first and saw the window frames they were producing. Then I started as a site manager. 3 years ago I became construction manager, then head of installation.

New colleagues usually spend a bit of time in our Lithuanian office first. Once they are settled in they get a new project – they prepare the project and get all the paperwork done here. Then it’s off to projects in Sweden, the UK, and Norway, and we communicate regularly by email.

What is the single best thing about working at Staticus?

I value the fact that there is always a lot to learn, because every project is different. Every site has a new team, and that brings new challenges in communication. 

It’s also great that we work with a lot of advanced IT tools, ranging from Dalux to MS Projects.  In interviews I ask candidates if they have worked with MS projects, and explain that everything won’t be in excel.

Finally, I appreciate the fact that in this company you can go from site manager to department head. 

What new perspectives have you gained while working at Staticus?

I have gained a lot from meeting new people – different projects, different teams, different countries. Communication styles change a lot (in Scandinavia it might be more gentle, in the UK it’s probably more direct), and people will have different points of view on the same problem, and different opinions on how to solve it. 

What new skills and competencies have you learned while working at Staticus?

In this role, you have to learn unique skills for every project – there is nothing repetitive because each project has its own process.

In terms of specific areas of learning, I think our health and safety is on another level compared to what is usually the case in Lithuania – it is at a good level for the Scandinavian and UK markets.

What makes Staticus a unique place to work?

The fact that we work in multiple countries – we are well established in Scandinavia and are expanding into the rest of Europe.

What interests you most about your job?

There is nothing repetitive and you get really unique challenges all the time. For example, we were recently featured on BBC TV because we were the first company ever in the UK to install façades over an active train line. The installation was scheduled to be done in the middle of the night when no trains were running, but we proved to the authorities we could do it safely while the trains were passing underneath.

Which project are you most proud of?

The Fornebuporten project in Oslo was my final project as a site manager, so I’m really proud of that one.

Tell us a bit about your life outside of work.

For more than a year I have been a father to two very cute girls, so my life is all around them at the moment. I enjoy traveling and reading books too.