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Staticus Norge was established in 2009. Mostly office buildings, hotels, and academic and medical facilities. The largest implemented project is FORNEBUPORTEN NÆRING administrative building of 27 000 sq. m. of unitized facades.


Staticus Sverige was established in 2009. Projects have been completed in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Linköping, Malmö, Uppsala and elsewhere. Mainly office buildings, universities, arenas, hotels, clinics, and multi-functional and cultural-use facilities. The largest implemented project in Sweden was the 33 000 sq. m. TELE2 ARENA, where stick and ventilated facades were used.


Staticus UK Ltd. was established in 2013. Large scale residential buildings located in London and Manchester. The biggest unitized facades projects are 11 000 sq. m. Archway Tower in London and 10 723 sq. m. Media City UK in Manchester.


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