St. Görans, Stockholm

Skanska Sverige AB
Year of construction
Double-skin façade, Mullion-transom facades, Stick facades, Unitized facades, Windows and doors

St. Görans, Stockholm

St Görans is one of the oldest hospitals in Sweden, founded in 1888 in Stockholm. Staticus was selected to provide the façades for the 5-storey BY45 and 8-storey BY20 expansions to the complex. Although buildings are adjacent to each other, the architects designed two visually different volumes. An innovative clinker brick imitation panel finish was used for BY20. For the façade of BY45, the architects chose clinker brick imitation and a combination of enamels and perforated/spatial finishes. Numerous similar but not the same façade units made parametric modeling,
used for preparing workshop drawings, interesting and challenging, especially when considering that there was a total of 25 different cladding finishes. This project was also special because it was based on the "Open Book" principle, which allows creating immediate mutual trust between customer and client. The project is certified according to Miljöbyggnad, a certification for new and existing buildings focusing on energy, indoor environment, and materials. This environmental classification system is administered by the Swedish Green Building Council.

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