Our Partners and Suppliers create products of the highest quality. Our clients expect products and services of the highest quality and Staticus’ alliance with reputable partners and suppliers ensures this.

Collaboration with architects and suppliers

In preparing a building’s facade, we aim to implement the architect’s vision as precisely as possible. We’ve built up a lot of experience and completed many original projects. We can offer optimal technological solutions that ensure a building’s functionality and cost-effectiveness and its compliance with the building laws and standards that are in effect in each country. We enjoy longstanding relationships

with many famous architects. We establish long-term relationships with suppliers that offer innovative products which also lower production costs, deliver materials on time, and offer good terms for logistics. For partners, we choose only companies working with which we can maintain outstanding quality, efficiency and standards of durability, and which share our understanding of responsibility in business.

We work with the world’s largest manufacturers

Social responsibility

In creating distinctive and sustainable building facades, Staticus acts responsibly at every stage and chooses environmentally friendly solutions. We always underscore that the safety and health of employees is our top priority. A Code of Conduct outlines our responsible approach to business. We understand social responsibility as involving environmental protection, good relations with employees and society, and the company’s international operations.

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