2024 02 07

Staticus continues to evolve with a focused and ambitious strategy for 2024-27

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Staticus is proud to launch a new strategy for 2024-27. This vision – which is broken down into 5 Must Win Battles, each with 3 specific initiatives – will guide us through our second strategic cycle following the successful delivery of our 2020-23 strategy.

Resilience and growth over the past 3 years

Despite unprecedented levels of disruption, we have been able to meet the core commitments of our 2020-23 strategic cycle. This includes:

  • achieving €100 million turnover by 2023,
  • launching our sustainability strategy,
  • significantly expanding our presence in the UK and Nordic markets,
  • developing our XD model to include 3D design, cost and timeframe data,
  • rolling out the Agile methodology and forming cross-functional teams,
  • and developing our next-level Hybrid Unitised Facade that significantly reduces embodied carbon.

These successes have not just enabled us to meet our commitments. They have ensured our resilience and growth over 3 challenging years. Our improved working practices and embrace of Agile have ensured we can move fast, responding to changing circumstances decisively and quickly. Through close partnerships and a committed focus on the long-term, including making sustainability and innovation central to our offering, we have achieved stable and sustained growth.

Our new strategy for 2024-27 builds on these successes. The goal is to ensure consistency in what we do, focusing even more on internal and external innovations in products and services that reflect the feedback we have collected during stakeholder interviews. It is also an ambitious vision for scaling up our operations to become a truly global player.

A comprehensive process for developing our new strategy

As our CEO Ausra Vankeviciute comments, this strategy is much more than simply a document: “This is not just a one-pager to be filed away. It has taken us almost one year to develop this strategy, with input from 77 stakeholders, colleagues, and one of Europe’s leading business schools.”

In February 2023, 26 team members from different areas of our organisation brainstormed ideas and agreed on the next steps. This was followed by a period of research and exploration, which included interviews with 77 partners and clients on their pain points and needs. “I would especially like to thank our clients who took part,” says Ausra. “They were extremely open in helping us find our new must-win battles.”

In early Autumn, the strategy was finalised during workshops with James Henderson, from the Swiss Business School IMD. The result is our 5 Must Win Battles, each with 3 carefully defined initiatives.

5 Must Win Battles and Their Initiatives

Each Must Win Battle (MWB) in our strategy consists of an overall goal and 3 precise and measurable targets. Here is a quick overview of each MWB.

1. Smarter Work

As the sponsor for this MWB, Ignas Stasiukonis, explains, “The goal with this MWB is to hit our budgets while simultaneously increasing employee engagement. We want to boost productivity by 50% over these 4 years, thus freeing the team to focus on creating more value for our clients.”

The three specific initiatives for this MWB are embedding automation, building a tech academy, and implementing risk management gates.

2. Empowering Culture

According to MWB sponsor Ilona Guobytė “Our strategy provides a shared vision. But it is our culture that gives us a shared way of thinking and a common way of acting. Our culture is a key competitive advantage, enabling us to adapt to changing conditions and remain client-centric. This MWB will give us greater clarity (so we can remove bottlenecks), more trust (through high-performing teams) and momentum for change thanks to enhanced leadership capabilities throughout our organisation.”

This will be achieved through initiatives to accelerate our workflow, enable high-performing teams, and grow leadership via a Leadership Hub.

3. Staticus Labs

Mangirdas Vičius is the sponsor for our Staticus Labs MWB, which is focused on the ongoing development of new products that meet market needs. “Developing these new products will both support our growth, but also make our growth more meaningful. That is because these products aim to make facades more sustainable and adaptable. We want to develop systems with less embodied carbon and minimise waste through modularity.”

This MWB’s 3 initiatives encompass Material Science, modularity and systems development.

4. Staticus Care

The goal of this MWB is to “develop Facades-as-a-Service”, says sponsor Aulikki Sonntag. “We are an organisation that cares – about climate protection, about resilience and about making our unpredictable future more manageable. And we express our care through our focus on services. We aim to provide life cycle management as a service – leveraging data collated via our XD tool and analysed using AI tools.” 

This MWB’s initiatives are to continue developing our internal data services, to incorporate generative AI, and to bundle these services into life cycle management packages that meet real client needs.

5. Boost Markets

“We have already grown a lot, so it is fair to ask why we need to keep growing,” comments Ausra, this MWB’s sponsor. “The answer is that we excel at delivering large-scale, complex projects. This means the global stage is the right place for us to play. Going global will also offer us greater resilience, which matters a lot – we want to offer our stakeholders stability and predictability. To play at this global level, we need enough financial muscle in terms of turnover, assets and ratios. So this is what we are working on with our Boost Markets MWB.”

This MWB’s specific initiatives are to enter new markets, increase our project hit rate, and improve brand awareness.

Evolving with ambition

Combined, these MWBs will enable us to achieve our ambitious goal of €250 million turnover by 2027 and increase EBITDA by 5%.

They represent an evolution, rather than a revolution, as Ausra points out: “I hope it is clear to all of our stakeholders that this is very much a continuation of what we have been doing over the previous strategic cycle. And by becoming a global player, our impact will be amplified.”

Developing our strategy has been a collaborative effort, and we would like to thank all our partners who shared their insights and feedback. To realise our strategy, we also need your encouragement, energy and ideas. If you’re an employee, consider signing up for one of the initiative teams and contributing to a vital Must Win Battle.

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