Philanthropic responsibility.

A commitment to support the societies we work in

At Staticus, we believe in making a unique, positive impact on society. This commitment includes the projects we work on and our daily operations, but also extends beyond these to the wider societies we live and work in.

That is why community engagement is part of our organisational DNA. It is also an important component of our focus on being a Sustainable Organisation (one of the 5 focus areas defined in our Corporate Sustainability Strategy). After all, a sustainable future is only possible when society is supported. And we offer our support through charitable activities focused on families and children.

A meaningful impact on families and children

We are privileged to live, work in, and even add to some of the most prosperous cities in the world. Yet we are always aware that beyond these cities, and even within them, many people struggle to provide for themselves and their children.

Our charitable activities are focused on supporting families and children. Rather than sharing our support widely, we try to focus it on a small number of families and individuals. In this way, we believe our support can have a truly transformative effect on those who receive it.

Renovating the homes of disadvantaged families

As façade producers, we understand the importance of good living conditions. So, every year since 2017 we have selected one local family who are struggling financially, and we have renovated their home. At present, in 2022, we have provided this to 5 different families. We change their windows, doors and other fittings so their home is healthier and more economical. 

Supporting a local children's centre

We support the Raguvėlė Children’s Day Centre in Anykščiai, which helps children from socio-economically disadvantaged backgrounds. These funds provide supplies for educational and extracurricular activities, and we have been providing them since 2018. We also contributed funds for repairs after a fire.

Helping Ukrainian children and families

We reacted promptly to provide support to those in need after the invasion of Ukraine. Staticus helped a number of families who fled the war. We also continue to partner with Save the Children to provide urgent aid to those who are already in Lithuania and still in Ukraine.

Providing festive gifts to local children

We send presents, books, and delicious treats to local children for holidays and special occasions, for example their first day of school. These children are members of the families we support, or come from the Raguvėlė Children’s Day Centre. Currently, we send these gifts to 45 children of various ages, and the number is increasing every year.

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