Health and safety

A people-first policy

Our aim is to always ensure the overall safety, health and well-being of anyone involved in or affected by the work we do. This approach rests on two key pillars: respect for all stakeholders, and the continuous pursuit of knowledge and excellence.

To make sure this vision is also an everyday reality within our team, we have developed a Health and Safety Policy which lays out specific actions that all parties involved can take in order to achieve an injury-free work environment.

Zero injury goal for all employees and subcontractors

Our zero injuries policy applies to every stakeholder. Despite the significant challenges faced by the construction industry with regards to workplace safety, we aim to always ensure the overall health and well-being of everybody involved.

Overall health and wellbeing

In addition to safety, the measures Staticus currently has in place also take account of workplace stress, mental health risks, and long-term health hazards posed by environmental factors like dust, noise, and poor ergonomics.

Health and Safety management and measures

Staticus has adopted a comprehensive set of measures and methods to create a safe working environment that is compliant with all relevant regulations.

Health and safety management 

Our dedicated in-house management is supported by specialised health and safety consultants that help us to ensure that all our work is up to standard.

Health and safety measures 

To prevent accidents and injuries at our manufacturing and construction sites, we have put in place effective measures in the areas of production, transportation, delivery, installation and pandemic management. These measures include risk assessment, continuous monitoring, incident reporting, staff training and the development of a safety culture.

Safe work methods 

All our employees are instructed and trained in safe work methods, including lifting technique and working near the edge on open structures that pose an increased fall risk.

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