Corporate sustainability

An approach to Sustainability that’s guided by long-term thinking

Meeting the Paris Agreement’s target of limiting global temperature increases to 1.5°C requires commitment, focus and long-term thinking from everyone in the construction industry. 

As an end-to-end façade contractor, we are in a unique position to make a positive impact – we take precise steps to significantly reduce the carbon footprint of every project we work on. We start by continually reducing carbon emissions in our own facilities, embracing every opportunity to reduce, reuse and recycle. Furthermore, we thoroughly assess and reduce carbon over the entire life cycle of the façades we produce. This incorporates all parts of our value chain, from the first design to the end of life phase of the product. Our Staticus Care initiative continuously develops solutions aimed towards long-term engagement.

Our 5 sustainability focus areas

We believe our commitment to sustainability and long-term thinking manifests itself in clear, concrete actions. We concluded Staticus’ corporate sustainability strategy for the upcoming years. The strategies are oriented towards 5 key focus areas: transparency, partnerships, innovation in design and delivery, climate protection, and being a sustainable organisation. 

Corporate sustainability is our approach that aims to create long-term values, focusing on the social, environmental, and economic dimensions of doing business.


Reporting and communication

We provide transparency through sustainability reporting on material topics. We focus on customer-specific reporting because this enables us to answer customer surveys promptly and accurately.



We ensure compliance by monitoring country-specific legal frameworks, maintaining an excellent health and safety record that targets zero accidents, and ensuring that we follow all local labour practices.


Business resilience

We thoroughly manage risks and any costs associated with changes in order to ensure that our business operates in a resilient and adaptive way.


Sustainability mindset as foundation for partnerships

We build long-term relationships with our clients, partners and suppliers, and the foundation for these is always a mindset focused on being sustainable.


Supply chain management

We collaborate closely with our suppliers to not only meet sustainability specifications but to develop carbon reduction targets accelerating the status quo and exceeding the industry-wide common practices. We conduct sustainability risk analyses of our supply chain and embed sustainability criteria into our procurement decisions.


Cooperation with research and educational institutions

We cooperate with research and educational institutions in various countries in order to develop R&D solutions, foster innovation and share knowledge.

Sustainable organisation

Education and training

We foster a sustainability mindset within our employees through the level-appropriate communication of our sustainability strategy. We are nurturing a culture of learning which includes talent development, career promotion and reskilling.


Cross functional teams

We build collaborative, cross functional teams in order to ensure the efficient delivery of our projects and to promote employee engagement.


Diversity and inclusion

We celebrate diversity and practice inclusion by providing equal employment opportunities.


Community engagement

We have a meaningful social impact by supporting the community we work in with our charitable activities. These are focused on supporting disadvantaged children and families.

Innovation in design and delivery

Monitoring of legislation on sustainable construction

We carefully monitor legislation and specifications on sustainable construction in all of the  markets we work in, so that we can identify challenges to address using innovation.  


Low carbon R&D systems

We are building a portfolio of low-carbon R&D systems that are tailored to meet and exceed the relevant sustainability specifications.


Long-term engagement

We remain involved throughout the lifetime of the façades we create, offering continued services over the operation phase of the building. We take responsibility for long-term impacts on building operation and the end-of life stages. 


Circular economy

We embed circular economy principles into our façade design, manufacturing and installation process. We always strive for zero waste both in-house and on-site. 

Climate protection

Product carbon footprint

We offer design solutions to reduce the carbon footprint of the façades we create, and develop tools for automated carbon assessment on a project-specific basis. 


Value chain analysis carbon footprint

We focus on the assessment of Scope 1,2, and 3 emissions, and develop carbon reduction targets in collaboration with the partners in our supply chain.

Sustainability reporting

Reporting is a vital component of our sustainability activities, because it ensures we remain accountable and keeps us focused on continual improvement. Every year we publish our Sustainability Report, which provides a detail account of our activities and performance over the past 12 months.

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