Who we are

We are one of the largest façade contractors in Northern Europe specialized in unitized curtain wall systems.

We design, produce and install curtain walls that are distinctive and sustainable, all delivered using the most advanced technologies available. We achieve this by leveraging our more than 20 years of experience and our innovative and agile approach. Our teams, located in six different countries, operate at the cutting-edge of the façade industry. And as a family-owned company, we always act responsibly by choosing environmentally friendly solutions and minimizing the impact of our operations.  

We are committed to the long-term.

We maximize long-term value for our clients, our partners and society.  We have built a strong track record as a reliable partner to the best known architects, developers, and contractors. We place particular emphasis on our clients’ success, tailoring our products and processes to each individual project to ensure the best possible result.  


We deliver on sustainability.

With a dedicated sustainability team overseeing every aspect of our operations and product design, we are putting life-cycle thinking into practice. This means a clear focus on sustainability at every stage, from materials to production, from logistics to maintenance.

We create benchmark setting projects.

Through our constantly developing processes, investment in R&D, and commitment to incorporating the very latest technologies, we enable our clients to set new standards in aesthetics and sustainability with every project.

Project references
We ensure people always come first.

Health and Safety is the foundation of our work culture and practices, and we never compromise when it comes to keeping our team, our partners, and the public safe. Respect and the continual pursuit of knowledge and excellences are also central to our culture.

We build lasting partnerships.

We understand what it takes to make partnerships work because we have spent 20 years building them. For us, long-term cooperation is always rooted in aligning different interests and knowing when and how to be flexible.

Our mission

To match our partners’ smart building concepts where people live and work comfortably and in harmony with the environment.

This is achieved through our professionalism; excellence in and passion for future engineering; constant innovation in facade technology and effective management.


Our long-term resilience is built on accountability, both to ourselves and to our stakeholders, and we deliver this through our detailed and transparent capability statements.

Along with details of our financial performance and ongoing projects, these reports cover significant developments in our team, R&D and digitalization activities, sustainability initiatives, business processes, philanthropy work, and health and safety record.


Staticus Group Capability Statement for 2023
Staticus Group Capability Statement for 2022
Staticus Group Capability Statement for 2021

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