Timber Unitized Façade system

Deploying our low-carbon hybrid unitized façades (HUF)

The façade industry has a key role to play in reducing CO2 emissions, given that buildings currently account for 40% of all energy consumption and 36% of greenhouse gas emissions in the EU.

We are committed to playing our part. Our innovative Hybrid Unitized Façade (HUF) system exemplifies this commitment by replacing high-carbon materials with low-carbon alternatives like timber. This system can reduce embodied CO2 by up to 65% compared to a standard aluminum unitized façade. For every linear metre of framing required, 65kg of embodied CO2 is saved.

The HUF system features mullions and transoms made of timber, which significantly lowers the carbon footprint and enhances interior aesthetics with a warm, natural look. Fully unitized, the HUF system is ideal for the rapid enclosure of large-scale projects, ensuring superior quality through indoor factory production.

Performance of timber unitized façade system (HUF)

We successfully completed full performance testing in 2023 and will conduct additional tests in 2024 to meet market and building requirements, enabling ongoing system improvements.

A climate chamber test will expose the specimen to accelerated climate changes, confirming long-term facade performance and resilience.

We will also test our new HUF system for fire safety compliance with BS EN 1364-4 to assess fire spread resistance between floors.

Overall, extensive testing ensures the long-term performance of our products under future weather conditions.

Test Standard Classification / Declared value
Air Permeability EN 12152 AE / 900 Pa
Water Tightness EN 12154 RE / 1200 Pa
Wind resistance EN 12179 ±2000 Pa (serviceability)

±3000 Pa (safety)

Impact resistance EN 14019 Class I4 / E4
Acoustic performance EN ISO 10140 Part 2

EN ISO 10848 Part 2

Rw (C;Ctr) = 40 (-2;-7) dB

Dn,f,w (C;Ctr) = 56 (-1;-4) dB

Fire resistance EN 1364-4 Upcoming
Key sustainability benefits of our HUF

Lower embodied carbon

Timber load-bearing frames save 1.3 kg of CO2 stored in every 1 kg of GLULAM wood used instead of aluminium.


Use of recycled materials

Aluminium adaptors are made from recycled aluminum, reducing embodied carbon from 8 kg to 2.3 kg of CO2 per 1 kg of aluminum.


Significant carbon reduction

Up to 65% reduction in embodied carbon for profiles with high levels of recycled material compared to standard unitized aluminum façades.


Improved thermal performance

Timber provides 1,700 times better thermal insulation than aluminum.

Timber is 400 times better than steel, 15 times better than concrete, and superior to brick in thermal performance.

A next-generation sustainable façade

In 2023, a tailored version of our new timber unitized façade system (HUF) was installed in a façade project for the first time, the renovation of the Textiltorget building in Sweden.


Client: Fabege AB

Category: Office and retail building

Façade area: 1400 m2

Place: Stockholm, Sweden


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For detailed information about our timber unitized façade system (HUF), please reach out to our dedicated sales managers in specific regions: UK, Nordics, Central Europe, and North America. You can find contact details here.

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