Company value chain

Consulting & Design

We design, produce and install building facades, some being of the most complex construction. In doing so, we ensure high quality at every step and deliver economically optimal solutions.

We have been designing and creating curtain wall technological innovations for more than 20 years. Thanks to our work on many well-known buildings, we are known and recognised in the UK, Scandinavia and the Baltic countries. View our projects here.

We have brought together several dozen experienced facade engineering consultants who are true professionals at implementing technologically complex and bold architectural design ideas.

New Product Development (R&D)

We create unique building facades using the most advanced research and designing methods. Jointly with suppliers’ technology centres, we search for new technical solutions and more effective ways to work. In the early stages of design, our product development professionals evaluate the risks in complex solutions, foresee and eliminate system failures, and offer advice on the use of new materials.

Project Management with Modern Tools

Successful building facade implementation is ensured by the company’s state-of-the-art tools for project planning, quality assurance, budget control, purchasing, communication, and managing discrepancies and risks. Operations are based on Lean management principles, which enable us to foresee many problems and deal with them in advance. Project teams are assigned to specific markets; they are well acquainted with the relevant countries’ standards, business culture and ways of working, legal and social environment.

Use of BIM Technology

We use Building Information Modelling (BIM) for building facade project design, co-ordination and production. A BIM model lets us efficiently manage the large amount of information in a project for diverse purposes. Thanks to BIM, the project team can effectively interact with other parties, easily monitor a project’s schedule and costs, and foresee and mitigate potential risks. It’s easier to understand and revise a project, since you can quickly review and assess the alternatives in terms of the costs and other aspects. BIM is a key tool for our facade engineering work at Staticus. It offers benefits at all stages in the project lifecycle, from the definition of project tasks through to the actual use of the building. Click here to view our BIM Video.

Mock-up for Each Project

For each project we produce a mock-up, depending on project complexity we decide the size of the mock-up. It allows investors, contractors and architects to assess the building facade’s appearance, the quality of materials and the colour scheme, as well as the chosen connectors and the construction itself. Decisions can be made about any changes needed in production or assembly before the main design and production starts.

Product Quality Checked at Every Step

A Lean management system ensures quality as well as cost effectiveness. Our factory’s metalworking shops are fully automated and adapted for processing diverse suppliers’ materials.


Building facade installation is carried out by Staticus' experienced team. A skilled construction manager, who you will always find on site, oversees all the finishing touches to a construction project and he will be your contact person until the curtain walling is complete. We have processes and ways of working in place to ensure we always view your structure very responsibly. When questions arise, our focus is first of all on solution results and high quality.

Warranty Services

After completing a project, we are able to provide our clients with peace of mind by offering a warranty service to ensure regular and preventive checks of all facades.
Click here to find out more or to request a warranty service.

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