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- we use only certified, high quality and safe equipment to complete the intended works. Innovative technologies that we have tested are being used to evaluate the best solution. We comply with all current security requirements to ensure the safety of our works.


- considering each project individually, our team performs a comprehensive audit, which includes identifying the building's defects, depreciation, and repair needs. After the audit, we provide a clear report with recommendations to remedy defects, that will reduce reactive maintenance costs, anticipate future issues and assist with planning of long-term capital expenditure.


- based on our in-house experience of designing, producing and delivering façade solutions for more than 20 years, we use proven problem-solving methods to upgrade or improve the façade’s efficiency. Each problem is assessed individually, with an economic and rational solution recommended. These planned works will ensure that ongoing operational costs of the building are not significantly affected by deterioration of the façade over time.


- to future-proof all built assets, the implementation of energy-saving solutions are essential. We can provide a retrofit service to upgrade existing façades or when the façade reaches the end of its serviceable life we are able to provide consultation on sustainable façade renewal solutions that will deliver market-leading façade performance and maximise the built asset value, with significantly reduced operating costs and environmental impact.



Thermovision metering

Weathertightness testing

Individually tailored inspections depending on the façade requirements

Clear and concise post-inspection report

Aluminium and glass façade renovation

Reconstruction of aluminium and glass façade

Installation of solar collectors and photovoltaics in façade

Installation of new façade solar control and shading systems (manual or automated blinds and brise soleil systems)

Aluminium and glass façade servicing

Physical inspections and servicing of the façade by experienced operatives

Safe and certified use of access and lifting machinery, where necessary.

Repair of façade solar control systems (manual or automated blinds and brise soleil systems)

Long-term planned maintenance

Regular planned maintenance of aluminium and glass façades

Regular planned maintenance of façade solar control systems (manual or automated blinds and brise soleil systems)

Ensuring compliance to the building O&M manuals to ensure warranty provisions where applicable.

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