The 3D designer behind a groundbreaking project who’s anything but one dimensional

As Head of 3D Design, Aivaras Bijūnaitis has tackled some truly multidimensional projects, especially the groundbreak Via Vika building. This was Staticus’ largest project to date, and the first building to have a closed cavity façade in Northern Europe. Aivaras successfully tackles challenges like this by having a multidimensional skill set and character – he is a lifelong learner, a proactive seeker of more responsibilities, a hard worker who constantly develops new hard and soft skills (and even an occasional 3-point shooter).

What was it like when you first started at Staticus? And what do you do in your team to support new hires?

I remember that I got a lot of encouragement and everything went pretty smoothly. I began as a 3D engineer and then, step by step, got to the place I am in today – and I was supported at every stage. The company’s attitude towards me really helped. I was given more responsibilities, and then I asked for more responsibility, and step by step I grew and learned a lot of new things.

Now that I am managing people myself, I try to adopt the same approach with new colleagues and with my work in general.

What is the single best thing about working at Staticus?

The people. Every day I meet people who are friendly and funny – just generally good people. And they are experts in what they do. So this forces me to grow all the time and learn from them.

What new skills and competencies have you learned while working at Staticus?

It was pretty tough to see how I would progress when I first started because I was new, I was inexperienced, I was a fresh person in the company and in the world of work in general. But I ended up learning a lot of different skills, both hard skills and soft skills. I have also learned about managing a team and managing myself. 

Basically, everything I have learned in my professional life, I learned in Staticus. It has a very good environment for learning, and the company and the people want you to grow.

What makes Staticus a unique place to work?

Two things. Firstly the colleagues, because I believe that there are not many places where you can find so many experienced specialists in one place. And secondly, the unique projects that we take part in.

What do you find most interesting in your work at Staticus?

These unique projects make the job very interesting because there are always new challenges. I also like the fact that I am always improving and developing in this environment.

Which project are you most proud of?

The Via Vika project (in Oslo, Norway). I made the 3D model for this project, and it’s a really incredible project. It looks spectacular and was a milestone for us. It was the first building with a closed cavity system in Northern Europe and was a very complex project, with 2 different façade systems. It was our biggest project as a company so far, and I learned a lot.

Tell us a bit about your life outside of work.

I wouldn’t say there is anything incredible, but I like reading books and spending time with friends and family. I am into sports – I like football and basketball, both watching and playing. I am interested in innovations in construction and other fields, BIM technologies, digitization and similar topics that can help in work and everyday life situations.