VIA Vika, Oslo

Schmidt Hammer Lassen
Works area
20 000 m²
Storebrand Eiendom AS
Closed cavity facades, Single skin facades

VIA Vika, Oslo

The VIA VIKA project in Oslo, Norway is Northern and Eastern Europe's first and only building to use closed cavity façade (CCF) technology.​ The building was designed around two different aluminum and glass systems that are assembled at the same time by two different installation teams. CCF technology ensures that there is no condensation in the cavity. Each element and its pieces, including frames (exterior and interior) and glass, are cleaned according to the CCF technology requirements. Before merging unit parts into a single element, there is a requirement
to remove meticulously any dust and dirt. This is a complex process that requires a special production site with dry air piping.​ The building is cladded with Rosy Gold stainless steel corrugated sheets covered with a titanium coating and natural stone finish. Stainless steel coating (PVD) protects the façade from corrosion and mechanical damage while also preserving its color. Façade consists of more than 2,000 single and double façade elements, 20% of which are curved​. The façade has a high light transmission for four glasses of 64%.​

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