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Hello, I’m Mangirdas, and I’m the Head of the Commercial Division here at Staticus. We’re one of the largest full-service façade contractors in Northern Europe. We’re looking for an Estimator to handle the detailed calculations that go into evaluating our standard-setting projects.

In this role, you’ll receive UK project details from our team and then delve deep into the project’s specifics. This means you will be liaising closely with suppliers and collaborating with internal stakeholders to find the most suitable solutions for complex technical challenges.

Your future role

  • Project handover – Examine the whole estimate in depth. From all enquiry documents till recalculation of estimate to look for potential mistakes and risks before contract signing. 
  • Contract signing – Help with remarks as he/she would be already familiar with project, estimate and risks in depth.
  • Design – Be involved in design stage. It would attempt weekly meetings, design review meetings and chats. In depth involvement in development of solutions of all components from brackets till cladding. Price check before making final decisions and navigation pricewise before starting to design various components to avoid early stage mistakes.
  • Project management – Prepareoptional prices calculation, VE pricing, additional works pricing, strategical loses splitting per additional prices, meetings with client, negotiating, budget updating and tracking, issuing invoices, follow up on deviation log, follow up on change log.
  • Materials and works tendering – Ensure all purchasing requests would be aligned with estimate and optimized as much as possible from the beginning.
  • Purchasing – Attend procurement commission to help with decisions regarding supplier selection.

What do we expect from you?

  • Experience: A minimum of 5 years in a similar role within the construction industry either for a general contractor or a subcontractor.
  • Technical Expertise: Ability to independantly calculate and prepare offers with Cost X program, and have at least 2 years experience in AutoCAD
  • Communication Skills: Strong presentation, debating, and negotiation skills.
  • Management Skills: Effective ability to manage internal and external stakeholders.
  • Project Management Skills: The ability to manage projects effectively – including coordinating activities within Agile teams -adhering to project timelines, and ensuring that the deliverables meet client expectations and regulatory requirements.

What do we offer?

  • Career Path: With 65% of our current management team having joined Staticus as specialists, we are a company that provides concrete pathways for your career development.
  • Professional growth: We offer our team a range of development opportunities, including international training courses and seminars.
  • Work-life Balance: Flexible working hours and remote work possibilities (some of our colleagues work remotely or partially remotely).
  • Tailored Company Benefits that Suit Your Preferences: These can include health insurance, study funding, or other offerings designed to support your well-being and professional growth.

Why join us?

  • Market Pioneers: We work on bespoke projects across Europe, partnering with world-famous architects and general contractors. We are committed to robust future expansion and have solid plans for future growth in other markets including Austria, the Netherlands, and the United States of America. 
  • Benchmark-setting Projects: The projects we work on set new standards for aesthetics and performance. Our high-end projects have an average value of EUR 30 million and feature tailored engineering solutions.   
  • Innovative and Sustainable Approaches: Our R&D team is on a relentless quest to pioneer innovative and sustainable solutions. For example, we designed, produced, and installed the first closed cavity façade in Northern Europe. 
  • Non-hierarchical Structure: As part of a company that offers a full value chain, you’ll have the rare opportunity to influence every stage of a project’s life cycle. From conceptualization to execution, your contributions will shape the entire process. 
  • Diversity: In our international company, team members share a global mindset. You’ll find yourself collaborating with a diverse group of over 100 façade designers from 11 different countries, each contributing their expertise and fresh perspectives.
  • Professional Growth: You’ll become part of an environment where sharing expertise is a core principle. 90% of our colleagues say they receive consistent support from their peers, underscoring our commitment to teamwork and mutual growth. 
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