Spikerverket, Oslo

MAD architekts
Year of construction
Reversed Double-skin façade, Stick facades, Unitised curtain walls, Windows and doors
Additional works
internal aliuminum-glass window-case system, Parapet cladding

Spikerverket, Oslo

The project area has undergone a transformation from an industrial area to a commercial, residential and educational zone with focus on the river Aker that flows through the neighborhood. Staticus was in charge for three office buildings envelope design, production and installation. Office buildings were designed with light and matt material palette – natural anodized ACP in combination with
dark, reflective glass and high-gloss metal. The façades of each of the office buildings have a unique geometrical composition which sets them apart and give them a separate identity. System implemented in order to comply with desired architectural aesthetic was so called Reversed Double-skin façade, where main façade profiles are in reversed, outer, position in order to hold ACP cladding.

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