Stockholm New, Stockholm

Sauerbruch Hutton
Works area
15 700 m2
Skanska Sverige AB
Year of construction
Unitised curtain walls

Stockholm New, Stockholm

Behind the joints of Skanska Stockholm One’s sloped facades lies the entire filigree net of (similar - but not the same) bespoke profiles, which all fit smoothly into an ingenious geometry of this building. Engineering and manufacturing precision is what STATICUS is especially proud of on this project. ‘’The emblematic geometry of the tower – a conical star that gradually extends its perimeter as it rises into the sky – minimizes its footprint on this limited site while providing flexible office space that benefits from long - distance views and an abundance of daylight’’, said Sauerbruch Hutton. Sthlm 01 was certified at Platinum level in LEED for Core and Shell in 2020. Staticus has contributed to a third (31%) of the sustainable criteria value that was used to achieve points for Recycled Content
and 5% of the sustainable criteria value that was used to achieve points for Regional Materials. Façade system proved by Staticus was designed with very low heat transfer coefficient (U-value), as well as low solar energy transmittance (g-value) while at the same time trying to maintain a maximum possible daylight transmittance (LT-value). Working close with the project’s HVAC engineers, with the special designed cooling system (high temperature self-regulating cooling), façade system could reduce the cooling energy demand, enlarge the usage of renewable energy, enables a better thermal comfort during the summertime and at the same time maximize the daylight for the building occupants. These characters contribute a lot to LEED credits as energy, thermal comfort and daylight. Images copyright ©Skanska 2021

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