Solseilet, Tromsø

Hamperokken AS
Hent AS
Year of construction
Aluminium and glass facades, Stick facades, Unitised curtain walls, Windows and doors

Solseilet, Tromsø

Solseilet in Tromso is another project of STATICUS where hybrid façade system was installed. More than 30% of embodied carbon content of the façade was cut through the use of hybrid units (wood/Al). Average embodied carbon content of hybrid units resulted in around 160 kgCO2/m2_facade. The housing project is located close to Storgatbakken in the center of Tromsø and includes a 13-storey high-rise block, a terraced
house and a corner courtyard. It is the tallest apartment building in Tromsø, and the second tallest in the building in the whole city. In about 7 months, a total of 576 unitized façade elements were installed. Staticus area of works was 3 433 m2. Overall building envelope U-value is 0,59 W/m2K. Apart from that project is characterized by high wind loads: pressure 1,62 kN/m2 and suction -2,07 kN/m2.

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