2020 06 12

Staticus Completes Installation of First VIA Vika Building in Oslo

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Staticus has completed the installation of the façade of the first of the two VIA Vika buildings. Staticus delivered the project ahead of schedule after almost five months of work. Staticus designed the façade of the first building from two different aluminum and glass systems. Two separate teams installed the systems simultaneously.

“VIA Vika has been a challenge from the beginning, and with the onset of the global COVID-19 pandemic, it has become even more difficult to implement it. Still, daily planning, attention to details and teamwork helped complete the installation of the first building on time. This building, in addition to everything, is unique in its geometry, architectural solutions, and it is also built in the very center of the city, which makes logistics particularly difficult. It is always nice when a hard work pays off, and this is exactly the case,” said Staticus project manager Giedrius Valantinas.

The façade configuration consists of 1,153 elements and displays a curved shape. Many different terraces and curved corners highlight the structure. These elements require extremely careful design and installation so that both parts of the panel are properly connected.

Staticus manufactured the glass section of the façade with closed cavity façade (CCF) technology, which ensures that condensate will not accumulate between the parts of the element. It also ensures that the gaps themselves will not need to be cleaned. During the CCF manufacturing, the frames (exterior and interior) of each element are thoroughly washed and cleaned against bright light to remove any dust and dirt before merging them into one element. A total of 492 CCF elements were placed in the first building.

CCF, a complex production technique, requires dry air pipelines for manufacturing. Pipelines for dry air supply were laid along the entire perimeter of the building to produce CCF. Special facilities were also set up for the production of these elements to ensure the production met the highest standards for assembly.

“VIA Vika is the first and only building in Northern and Eastern Europe, the façade of which is made according to the closed cavity façade (CCF) technology,” said Staticus CEO Aušra Vankevičiūtė.

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