Construction Engineer (Internship)

Locations: Vilnius
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Staticus is one of the largest façade contractors in Northern Europe. For almost 20 years, we have been using cutting-edge technologies to develop, produce and install bespoke and sustainable façades.

Future construction engineers can experience how Staticus operates first hand. Being a dynamic international company, we can also offer a full-time position after the internship is over. The internship itself takes place in Vilnius.

  • During the internship, you will have the opportunity to:
  • Improve your skills of working with drawings;
  • Work with AutoCad, Inventor, SolidWorks or Revit;
  • Contribute to the improvement of company-wide design processes.
  • Together with 600+ Staticus colleagues around the world, you will take part in projects that set new market standards for quality and sustainability.

We invite final-year engineering students who are able to read drawings and communicate smoothly in English to apply. The internship will require quick thinking, inquisitiveness and diligence in performing your tasks.

Your future colleagues

Our strength is built on encouragement and teamwork. Meet some of the talented and creative colleagues you will be working with, and who will be guiding and supporting you.

Meet Susanne, our globally-minded Regional Director for Central Europe who values agility and openness
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Tommaso Martimucci
“Be creative, patient, open-minded and humble:” this is what it takes to be a Concept Designer
Meet Tommaso
Valentino Basile, Staticus Sales Manager
Horizontal management, flexibility, togetherness – Sales Manager Valentino’s Perspective on Staticus
Meet Valentino
Meet Aulikki, the innovation-focused CBDO who is committed to the long-term
Meet Aulikki
Ieva Gradeckiene our new Organisational Agility manager
Client satisfaction and employee growth are the key factors for our new Organisational Agility Manager
Meet Ieva
The Head of Production who embodies growth opportunities at Staticus
Meet Marius
Meet Aaron, Staticus’ driven and client-centric new UK Regional Director
Meet Aaron
The servant leader driving organisational transformation who sees change as the only constant
Meet Ilona
Gediminas Putnikas, Head of Concept Design
The Head of Concept Design who has experienced Staticus’ transformation firsthand
Meet Gediminas
The team player who thinks about empathy as well as outcomes
Meet Aurelija
The head of Design Dept who drives innovation armed with client-centricity and a taste for challenge
Meet Skirmantas
The house-building Workshop Design manager who also builds close relationships with each member of his team
Meet Martynas
The 3D designer behind a groundbreaking project who’s anything but one dimensional
Meet Aivaras
The engineer building state of the art solutions who loves it when expectations match reality
Meet Istvan
The internationally-minded designer who discovered façades are much more than just windows
Meet Marius
The Quantity Surveyor who puts a price on constantly changing projects … and loves it
Meet Mangirdas